Get to know about Ingqapheli Security

Ingqapheli Security is a 100% local black owned security services company based in Richards Bay, KZN. Ingqapheli is an IsiZulu word meaning the one who is intelligent and observant. True to the meaning of the company name, Ingqapheli Security is always 100% engaged and accountable in its operations. Ownership and directorship of this company rests on three PDIs, which include a former local police captain who is well versed with the local crime trends and a former security manager, who’s work ethic saw him rise from a security guard to management position in a well respected global security company.

The Managing Director is a BAdmin Graduate, trained in security and registered with Psira and have 14 years of industry experience. This companyis a Level 1 contributor in terms of DTI scorecard. These proud Zululanders have a combined experience of 90 years in the safety and security industry. The company boasts of 14 years of experience in the mining and corporate environment.

What is our mission?

To create safe and secure spaces to enable creativity, growth and success. We achieve that by:

Provision of specific,

Customized security solutions,

Being responsive to our customers and employees’ needs,

Forming strategic partnerships to enhance our service offering,

Keeping abreast on latest security technologies