Security Industry Overview & Ingqapheli Security Position

The private security industry in South Africa is amongst the largest in the world with over 9000 registered companies, 450 000 registered active private security guards and a further 1.5 million qualified inactive guards (

Due to surplus of labour in this sector, employee exploitation is rife especially within the unregistered and therefore unregulated security services providers. These companies are able to provide security services at a fraction of the cost compared to legitimate companies at the expense of desperate employees. This has tainted the image of this industry and is a threat to the legitimate, registered companies who always lose work to these unscrupulous operators.

The industry is regulated by Psira (Private Security Industry Regulator in South Africa) established in 2002 in terms of section 2 of the Private Security Industry Regulation Act (Act No 56 of 2001)

Some of its primary objectives is to promote a legitimate private security industry which acts in terms of the principles contained in the Constitution and other applicable law. Also to promote the protection and the enforcement of the rights of security officers and other employees in the private security industry.

Ingqapheli Security has prioritized the above mentioned objectives. We are a legitimate registered company and are subject to Psira and DoL inspections at least twice a year. We also understand that our employees are our enduring strength and our invaluable assets and treat them as such.

According to Psira Report 2017/18, 6% of 1031 businesses inspected deployed unregistered guards and 4% deployed untrained guards in KZN

These guards might be guarding your valuable assets, cheap price is not always the best price.